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Paris Wine Bar

The number one wine bar in Hove

Paris Wine Bar

There reaches a point in any relationship when two gradually become one. Brighton and Hove is such an example. A united borough since 1997, Brighton and Hove attained city status in 2001.

But far from losing its identity, Hove has become an illustrious destination in its own right. No longer Brighton’s genteel little brother, Hove is alluringly sought after as a ‘must visit, must live in’ resort.

For over 250,000 people, and since 2011, Hove is not only their journey’s end but the beginning of one too!

The question is why and where? The answer to why can be narrowed down to one institution: Paris Wine Bar. The answer to where: 119 Church Road, Hove.

For 14 hours a day, 7 days a week, from 10am to 12pm, Paris Wine Bar is the place where people come to eat fine food; drink finer wines; and enjoy the finest conversations.

Young and cool, mature and memorable, Paris Wine Bar’s clientele are sparklingly eclectic – from lawyers, entrepreneurs, writers, actors, and millionaires to sports personalities, fashionistas, property developers and builders, this is where their day begins, their night ends or exquisitely break for lunch.



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