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Paris Wine Bar

Our first steps across the threshold lead to … traditional oak beams, stylish brick work, hints of red, tinges of mahogany, shimmers of wood grain, flashes of brass, hues of copper… further we go, making our way into the bar area lined by classic Chesterfield seating, parades of vintage wine stood to attention, submerged in ambient lighting, soft music, and beautiful faces … and finally we pass through French doors entering the Italian styled heated garden. Intimate tables for two, family tables for four, surrounded by lush and verdant flora, coloured in unimaginable greens, centered by a timbered gazebo, protective and snug in Winter, open and cool in Summer.

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… our charismatic bar staff have been with us for years under the caring management of Elvis who brings an international joie de vivre to the atmosphere and ensures our clientele are treated beyond expectation. Personal attention and unrivalled service, your name never forgotten, your drink of choice always remembered. Welcome Home!

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Established in 2011 by two International wine connoisseurs, Paris Wine Bar has become an integral – if not, essential – part of the Hove scene. Their mission: to bring people home! And they do, time and time again!

Paris, Hove is an unforgettable experience, just like coming home after being away – a place so familiar, yet so unique – cozy, comfortable, content, welcoming, warm, wonderful.

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Paris Wine Bar