Wine Tastings



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If you believe there is no better way to spend an evening than at a wine tasting, our team at the Paris Wine Bar Brighton of professional and dedicated staff definitely agree. Wine tastings are an excellent opportunity to sample a range of new wines from around the world, and expose your palate to a whole new range of flavours. When we do a wine tasting at The Paris Wine Bar Brighton, our team works to select a variety of new wines that we know our family of customers will enjoy. These special events run the length of an evening, and are a great way to sample our latest affordably-priced wine selections. They are also a great place to meet new friends, and share your love of wine with others.



Your Palate

Since a wine tasting is all about flavours our chef at the Paris Wine Bar Brighton prepares a variety of special dishes and finger foods to complement the wines being served. If you have not yet been to one of our wine tastings, then check out our special events section and be sure to book your table for the next event. Wine tastings at the Paris Wine Bar Brighton can be arranged for small groups of 6-10 people. Working with our team you will be able to select a range of affordably priced wines by the bottle for your group to sample with a range of our favourite culinary delights. Small group wine tastings are a great way to mark retirements, birthdays, or any other special occasion you may have coming up.